Walking with Gods is a very short film created by Rapper, Actor, and Producer David Banner. Although it is a short film it’s concepts and metaphors are extremely deep and reflect the story of people of African descent in this World. It is about a young black Male who is threatened by an evil called “The White Mask” at different stages of his current life and past life throughout history. 

The Film starts from a time where in West Africa our people were covered in ancient Adinkra symbols that gave them power and the world was at peace as they found God within and outside themselves, but due to this power the “White Mask” was envious and managed to separate them from there beliefs and forced them to believe only what they were told and relinquish their true power. A very deep concept to say the least as it is a clear metaphor for Europeans (White Mask) and how they were able to oppress and harm people of African descent throughout history all the way up to now.

I truly hope this gets turned into a series or a full length film, but I doubt it because its too real for “them”. If it did it would be truly powerful and inspirational to say the least.

You can watch the 4 part Short film on YouTube now

Written By: @Champion_Us

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